Open Louisiana Now!

Our state is diverse and each of our 64 parishes is unique. COVID-19's impact on Louisiana is affecting each of our parishes and regions differently. We believe the meaningful reopening of our state's economy should reflect that. A localized approach is precisely what President Donald Trump has recommended, but our Governor has said this is not under consideration.

The health impact of this pandemic is real, but so is the economic impact. Livelihoods are destroyed with every day that we suffer in a statewide, universal shutdown. It does NOT have to be this way!


Tell the Governor that a parish-by-parish, regional approach to opening Louisiana is the right path forward.


  1. Reason #1 - President Trump's Plan… Parish-By-Parish Re-Opening!
    President Trump’s plan provides for a regionalized, parish-by-parish reopening! The President understands that a "one-size-fits-all" approach to reopening our economy is wrong for America. That’s why his guidelines for “Opening Up America Again,” empowers states to open regionally, or on a parish-by-parish basis. Unfortunately, Governor Edwards refuses to even consider this option.
  2. Reason #2 - Every Job & Small Business is Important!
    Every job and local small business is significant to our state. When it comes to job losses, Louisiana is one of the hardest-hit states in the nation. Louisiana currently has one of the highest unemployment rates in the entire country. Over the last six weeks, 350,000 of our neighbors have lost their jobs due to this economic shutdown. This means 18.5% of the state’s eligible workforce is currently out of work. Job loss and unemployment also hurt the health of our citizens. A long-term statewide, universal shutdown is not sustainable!
  3. Reason #3 - A Regional Approach is a Data-Driven Solution!
    A regional approach is a data-driven solution to an unprecedented problem. The data clearly shows that COVID-19 has not impacted each parish/region in the same way with 33 parishes having less than 100 cumulative cases. In fact, the state government is tracking and responding to COVID-19 on a parish-by-parish basis. So, why can’t we reopen based upon this data. Surrounding states are restarting their economies, leaving ALL of Louisiana even further behind?


Louisiana State Senator Sharon Hewitt spearheaded this petition to give Louisiana citizens a voice in this process.

Sharon has quickly become one of Louisiana's top conservative leaders. In four short years in Baton Rouge, she has demonstrated significant leadership for conservative causes. In 2018, Sharon was named "National Legislator of the Year" by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Sharon proudly serves as Chairwoman of the Senate Republican Caucus and Chairwoman of the Senate Government Affairs Committee, which oversees redistricting efforts and approves Gubernatorial appointments.

Before serving in the State Senate, her only other elected position was the head of her children's PTA program in her hometown of Slidell, Louisiana. She has been the driving force behind efforts to improve education policy and expand STEM programs in local schools, earning the National PTA Life Achievement Award for her leadership.

Professionally, Sharon was a pioneer for women in the oil and gas industry, becoming one the first female executives in a major oil and gas company. For over 20 years working for Shell, she worked her way up from working offshore on an oil rig to honing her technical, financial, and leadership skills, managing major deepwater assets in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sharon Hewitt is an engineer. A problem solver, not a politician.